Astec JR55 D0500SDN, JR105 D0500SDN, for Burny Kaliburn, MOC_Mitaka
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  MOC_Mitaka   Tokyo Japan
      Export and Import of Magnetic Encoders
      and Other Industrial Products

      This site has more Japanese written pages than English ones.
+ Export of compact Magnetic Encoders
    with high accuracy signals made in Japan

+ Import of Magnetic Encoders made in
   Europe and USA

+ Assist for developing "Order made Encoders"
    for your specific applications.

+ Exports and Imports of Industrial Products

Motion Control at Mitaka, Tokyo
Central Line of Japan Railway
   + Assist for the companies who have no own offices, agents or distributors in Japan.

    Those who need assits for business with Japanese companies, please contact MOC_Mitaka

   Rotary Encoders

    Order made Magnetic Encoder Kit Standard finished Encoder

        Kohden Admotec Avtron Astec (Taiho Products) Dynapar Avtron
Encoder Microkit, MOC_Mitaka Admotec Encoder KIt, MOC_Mitaka Avtron Encoder Kit, MOC_Mitaka Astec JR205, Sokki Electronics, MOC_Mitaka Magnetic Rotary Encoder Dynapar SL56, MOC_Mitaka Magnetic Rotary Encoder Avtron AV115, MOC_Mitaka for shaft size down for shaft size up to magnetic encoder for shaft size up to 95mm
to 1mm or smaller 200mm or larger high signal accuracy

    Optical Fiber Cable Optical / Magnetic :  Standard finished Encoder

      Ohshima bler

Optical Fiber Cable Encoder, MOC_Mitaka Kuebler Encoder, MOC_Mitaka Kuebler Encoder, MOC_Mitaka Kuebler Encoder, MOC_Mitaka Kuebler Encoder, MOC_Mitaka   Control from 20Km distance German encoders (explosion proof)  :  Incremental ,  Absolute,  Measuring system

  Examples of Other Products

    Admotec Resolver Küebler Micro Counter Motor Brush Wind Vane & Anemoscope DC/DC Converter

Resolver Admotec Rotasyn, MOC_Mitaka Kuebler Microcounter, MOC_Mitaka Motor Brush, MOC_Mitaka Anemoscope, MOC_Mitaka Anemoscope, MOC_Mitaka
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